Due to quite a few requests, I decided to do a post about skin care.

Firstly, BIG BIG disclaimer; I am not a dermatologist nor do I believe these are the best tips out there or should be taken as an absolute truth. This is simply what works for me and of course, some general practices that some of you should already be familiar with. Secondly, I’m not here to promote any products that I wouldn’t use or don’t have a history of positive reviews!!

To get an even balance I reached out to a friend, Leomie Anderson, Victoria Secrets model and creator of Lapp The Brand. I chose her in particular for two reasons; she is extremely transparent and due to her job and social activities, good skin is more of a necessity. First thing Leomie pulls out the bag is:

“Get to know you skin! Know your products, find out if they have any unannounced acids”

The fact is many people do not take the time out to know what works for them and what could be potentially harmful. It’s always important to do research on what you’re using and some of the key ingredients, as well as ones mentioned in the smaller print. Leomie notes that you shouldn’t be using  more than a maximum of three types of acid at one time on your face as it could be harmful on your skin… I didn’t even know that. Most commonly used acids in skin care include Vitamin C, Retionoic and Ferulic acid. If you are someone who is concerned about your skin or has a history of bad skin problems, ensure that you understand not only the ingredients but more importantly the recommended usage and mixture with other products.

No foundation - Highlighter, eyebrows & Mascara

No foundation – Highlighter, eyebrows & Mascara

It seems that Leomie is a big fan of Kiehls as am I. Kiehls is widely noted for the success of it’s skincare products and  their products that are more natural than their competitors. Her key products are:

Leomie also relies on masks during fashion weeks to keep her skin hydrated, noting that Kiehls do a wide range for reasonable prices. It’s important to look at them all and read what they’re are for.

Aside from the Kiehls products, she uses Estee Lauder night repair sheet masks and a wide range of Biore facial products, noting how effective they are despite their mid range prices.

Thank you Leomie!

For myself, I would say the key products I use are from Kiehls and although I don’t use them daily, they are amazing. See below:

    • Facial Fuel Energising Scrub. Sloughs away dead surface skin cells and other impurities. Guys with BEARDS. This is a big key. It breaks down tough facial hair making it softer, minimises ingrown hairs and other skin irritation, preventing the start and spread of bacterial infections. Usage: Once a week or before I shave.

    • Ultra Facial Cleanser. This cleanser really does clean the skin, removing all the oil and dirt from your skin. It’s also for all skin types, so if you have sensitive skin, here you go. Usage: Twice a week.

    • Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque. This one I’ll be honest, I stole it from my mother (I know at my big age). But it’s amazing, brightens and energises the look of dull, fatigued skin. Side note: If you have a cooler undertone (learnt something new this week), you may experience some yellow/orange tinting. Usage: Twice a month.

Other things/products:

As Leomie said above, understand the ingredients you use. I tend to stay away with creams with a large amount of occlusives and emollients which are heavier and do not absorb into your skin, resulting in your pores being clogged, causing more sebum which can speed up bacteria growth. Due to this, I use Vasline Aloe Vera. It’s light and although, it’s associated with dry skin – It can be used for all skin types and absorbs into your skin quickly.

Barely using body washes or scented soaps on your face. There are a lot of chemicals and some can be quite harmful depending on your skin type. I use antibacterial soaps for my face that contain no or little amounts of triclosan which dry and irritate the skin. I use Valderma Antibacterial soap, leaves your face feeling clean. You should be able to find it at your local pharmacy or Amazon.

Once in awhile I use the Mask of Magnaminty from Lush, It works quite well.

General practices:

Personal hygiene. This is a big thing, ensure you clean your face properly and things that come in direct contact with it. Don’t let people touch your face or put your face on dirty surfaces. You should change your sheets sheets and pillows at least once a week. Pillows hold bacteria from your face and hair. If you have long hair, tie it back or wrap it up. Hair products and grease from your hair can be detrimental to your skin. There is also the issue of dust.

Of course, drinks lots of water and pay attention to your diet.

I hope this helps. Lastly, Kiehls gives out free samples. If you’re unsure about a product, go and get a taster and see its effect. If you have a history of bad skin, please visit your GP and they will give you the best advice. Lastly, please be careful when buying things online being promoted by influencers or new brands – do your research throughly and read reviews.

if you have any questions, please drop me an email.

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