Just a quick one from me. I recently went to Denmark, Copenhagen. In hindsight, I could have picked a better month then February to visit which was quite cold. Somehow, it was more bearable than the weather London, go figures.

Arriving in the Night. We got a cab straight to the hotel, Copenhagen Marriot and proceeded to settle in. You can use Uber from the airport but it actually worked out cheaper by taking one of airport taxis that run by the meter. Due to the time, the night was pretty much wasted. However, I did spend my time checking out the various amenities of the hotel.

The next two days were rather eventful. Light sighting seeing and various cafes. We actually walked around the whole place which was rather refreshing despite the light dusting of snow. Most interesting was visiting the self-proclaimed autonomous area in Copenhagen known as Christiania and the Design Museum.

One restaurant I would recommend is Radio Restaurant.



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