This is definitely a place to visit if you’re in London. The Design Museum which was originally situated on the South Bank of the River Thames, recently moved to its new home in Kensington. The new location in Kensington gave it more space while representing modern contemporary architecture, arguably one of the museums key foundations. The Museum has one permanent exhibition known as “Designer, Maker, User” with three other galleries spaces which accommodate temporary exhibitions. The Museum also has a reference library and learning facilities which hold a creative workshop and design studio.

Design can tell and show many things. Perceptions of design or what design is are limitless. Despite, the museums focus on graphics, fashion, industrialisation and architecture. It manages to stretch further than that. While critics may argue that it is a muddle and can cause confusion, they fail to note that the confusion and the wide variety of pieces shown represent the very globalised era we live in, making it more likely for viewers to touch on shared experiences and see things from different perspectives. It is most definitely worth a visit. Check out the pictures below.





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