There’s something so special and exciting about a hot day in London. Honestly, the weather in England is so unpredictable and confusing that you really need to grab a good day with both hands when it comes by. This weekend was exactly just that. Unfortunately, Saturday was hectic and I spent half of the day running various errands and the other half partying. Although I was in the sun, I did not get to enjoy it as much as I would have preferred. Luckily, the weather on Sunday was even better.

Sunday ended up being a cool day in Holland Park with my friends, chilled vibes and beautiful weather. It was so good, that I did not even get angry when the peacock (Holland Park has loads) tried to poo on me multiple times from its spot in a tree. My colourful viscose shirt and shorts were the perfect outfit for the day!

Shirt: Zara

Shorts: Topman

Trainers: Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Independence Day (Navy)

The horrible peacock

The horrible peacock

Drink responsibly

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