We all have dreams, hopes and concerns. However, we react to these things differently. Some take on the world with sprinkles of sunshine and positivity, while others feel like the world is against them and would rather adopt a defeated and bitter outlook on the world. This is what makes life so interesting, we view things differently and adopt various ways of dealing with our issues.

Personally, I have a very neutral view on the things that happen in my life. I believe everything happens for reason, I won’t let it stop my future endeavours and I certainly will not let it affect my mood or outlook on life. Here are a few things I stand by.


1. Your time will come

We often look at the success or achievements of others as a benchmark to measure our own. I understand how easy it is to do this, especially when you’re struggling or trying so hard to achieve something which others may have completed or seem closer to achieving than yourself. Everyone is different, that is the first thing that people should understand. Even if your starting point is the same, your journey will always be different. No variable is exactly the same and this is something people need to take into consideration. Patience is key, just because you have not reached your goal, it does not mean you never will. Have patience, have faith and most importantly, have perseverance. Do not wait idly thinking something is going to drop in your lap, focus and work hard.

Time is a concept of human perception, man made time to make sense of the world around him. That being said, look at time as tool for your own needs, not a threat or a deadline looming over you. Whether it be in your professional or private life, hold on to the fact that your will time will come and when it does, it will be great. Learn to enjoy where you are in life now.

2. Be happy for others

I never understand why this is so hard for others to achieve. On the back of waiting for your time to come, be happy for others. I have always said that jealously is a very useless emotion, I do not know how you can use it in a positive manner to drive yourself. Jealously is toxic and may even hinder your own success. You may find it hard if you are going through a particularly difficult time or dissatisfied with aspects of your own life to be happy for others. However, I find that being able to show genuine happiness for others is a representation of an individuals level of self-realisation.

Supporting and showing happiness for others has so many benefits and will open many doors for you. It may remind you that your own time is coming and give you that much needed hope that you need to continue to push through. Secondly, Karma.  I am a firm believer of what you give is what you will receive, even if it is not how you expected it. While pushing out positivity and happiness may not necessarily mean you will get it back in the same way, it does give you a clean conscious and an atmosphere which you can thrive in. Also, if you willingly celebrate with others, they will always want to celebrate and support you too.

Remember, you reap what you sow whether it be tomorrow or in 10 years.


3. Do what makes you happy 

People often find themselves doing things which do not make them happy. I get it, there are various reasons why an individual may end up in this situation. Most commonly, financial stability. But there is probably more than one thing that makes you happy and can improve your outlook on life. Life changes when you take an active approach to push your intent on the world rather than take what is pushed on to you.

Happiness is a fleeting emotion, it can go as quick as it comes. The key is to know and understand the multiple things in life that spark that emotion and create a well controlled balance of them. Some things may be small and others big but it is up to you to find them and put them into action because no one else can create your own happiness for you. Do not take the tips or advice of others when it comes to your own happiness because no one will be able to find it better than yourself. The road to happiness is filled with risks, uncertainty, dreams, frustration and time but it’s your own journey and something you can use to last you a lifetime.


Will these things work for you?

Who knows, like I said these are my grounding points and I suppose on some level I believe that they are universal truths that everyone should embody. But like i’ve stated multiple times in the above. everyones journey is different and by extension so will their beliefs and techniques. However, one thing I will say is reflect on this and look at how you deal with the good and bad things in your life, is there anything you would do differently?


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