Victoria Miro is always an excellent art gallery to visit. The exhibitions they’ve held over years are always wonderful, challenge the mind and engage with the viewers. The location itself in Wharf Street also has so much to offer and makes the whole experience quite memorable.

While they have multiple artists showing, I was particularly interested in seeing Njideka Akunyili Crosby’s exhibition, Portals. The Nigerian born, US raised artist is always interesting as she draws on socio-economic, political, societal and historical references in her art. Furthermore, the art is made up of a composition of various elements from paintings and fabrics while encompassing traditional aesthetics that exhibit the complexities and variations within society.

The idea of portals is well conveyed through her work, as she uses mirrors, windows and passage ways to display transcultural identity and destroy widespread generalisations. Her aim, which I believe was achieved, was to show how “normal” Nigeria is to the western word and while there might be some differences, many things are similar. Much of her art features images of her and her husband, pictures from Nigerian culture and politics, sources from magazines, the internet and the artist’s photos.

This is definitely not as exhibition to miss!








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