October has been pretty exciting , for various different reasons. But one of them is Romuald Hazoumè’s new exhibition: All In The Same Boat. His exhibition is being held at the October Gallery, a contemporary  art gallery which shows art from all cultures across the planet.

What makes Romauld particularly interesting is his ability to focus on some of the most controversial and important issues of both the present and past while creating something which stimulates the mind and captures the soul. Romauld gives no attention to political correctness and his work has covered issues from western exploitation, slavery and immigration. His work confronts the legacy of colonialism while showing the beauty and diversity Africa as a continent has to offer.

His current exhibition, All In The Same Boat represents some current global issues regarding migration, war, famine and exploitation. The exhibition closes on the 7th November. I recommend you see it while you can. Check out the pictures below.

Mutti (2016)




Cry of a whale (2016)



Tricky Dicey Die (2016) 


Elerou (2016)


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