Hey guys!

Happy New Year and I hope the cold is not affecting you much. I never understood why January always has to be so cold and depressing. Anyway, it was my birthday at the beginning of the month and my mother surprised me with trip to a spa hotel in Cyprus. I was immediately excited. However, I discovered that I would be going alone and I also had two essays due a few days after my return. While the latter did not bother me as I had already come in terms with my fate as a university student, the former did. I have been on holiday by myself before but only to places that I had already visited, this was a completely new territory.

BUTTTT!!! It was an opportunity to escape the cold. So I packed by bags, got my money changed and headed out. I certainly did not regret it! I stayed in Paphos at the beautiful Alymra Spa Hotel, it was a beautiful experience and completely relaxing. Check out the pictures below.

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2 10


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